Clan Shadow Hawk

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The Shadow Hawks

This is the story behind the name…

The Clan called the Shadow Hawks gets its name from a giant hawk found on Strana Mechty. The bird is huge; 15 times the size of the red tailed hawks of Terra. The Shadow Hawk is known for its grace, power, and patience. It likes to soar hundreds of feet above the ground, watching keenly for prey: wolverines, and the such. It swoops down at or above the speed of sound and grabs its prey in its large muscular talons. Clan Shadow Hawk was given the name due to its tactics; they are patient, waiting for the right time to attack. They generally prefer jumping 'Mechs because of the added mobility and for their ability to hide behind terrain and jump up to attack. Although they prefer jumping 'Mechs, they are also extremely proficient in any other 'Mech, be it Clan or Inner Sphere. They can fight on any terrain, and in any condition. They are the epitome of the Clan warrior. They are the Shadow Hawks!

Proud Members Of VL, P2k and BZ Leagues.

Merc Shield 2.02 Lastest (Works with Mektek pack)

Merc NO CD Patch (Latest)

Download Polar Tundra for Mercs

1. Save to C:/temp/
2. Extract the zip files
3. Copy arctic05.mw4 from your Vengeance CD or installation to the temporary folder.
4. REMOVE the Read-Only protection on the file (which is what you get when you
copy the file from a CD) (Right click/ Properties) Uncheck the box.
5. RUN the update.exe program. This should patch polar.mw4 so that it can be used my the PolarTundra mission.
6. Copy the patched polar.mw4 file to your Mercs/resource/maps folder.

Unzip and Save to the following Merceneries Folder
..... /Mechwarrior Merceneries/Resource/varientsmerc/

Contact - Khan DeathLord